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Opening day in Toronto and the Toronto Blue Jays are out of the play-offs!:confused::rolllaugh:

How is your team looking?
i haven't seen ANY baseball games since....oh about the time Babe Ruth left the Red Sox, so that's a LOOOONG time.

from time to time, i suffer from insomnia, so if i need to break that, i watch a ball game, and with in seconds, i am out like a light.

it's a god awfully LOOOONG time football...60 minutes and done......


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it's a god awfully LOOOONG time football...60 minutes and done
Here here!

I love me some baseball, love love love love it, that is playing it.

But when it comes to actually watching it I like to use this analogy...

Football: I'm locked in my man cave door is locked do not disturb sign.

Basketball: in my man cave, but door is unlocked no do no disturb sign.

Baseball: in man cave, but door is wide open someone walks in I will even acknowledge them, they need me, I'm there.

I have never sat down and watched a full game of baseball from the 1st to rhe 9th.

Loved playing baseball, or to steal a golf term, baseball's handicap sport of softball.

I played league softball and was a left fielder.

But watching it. I have watched full NASCAR races from start to finish, but base ball, can't do it.


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Baseball is just as bad as golf to me only difference is MLB keep 2 pds of sin flower seeds In thier cheek or redman


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Baseball is a showdown. Between two gunslingers one slinging leather wrapped cotton and cork. The other slinging wood. It’s very impressive to watch a pitcher throw a no hitter. Y’all can nay say all ya want but the two greatest sports are ice hockey, baseball and MMA.


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growing up I couldn`t get enough baseball.....watched Hank Aaron hit the record breaking homer on a old rabbit earred black nd white tv

back then we sometimes had to listen to baseball on the radionot much on TV
I haven`t watched much in years since they let a handful of drugged up guys lay and turned their heads on it...
great game
played many years in a Church softball league and recently I have thought of joining the local mens,over 60,YMCA spring softball team

Hank is still the KIng

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