Yanke, Canada


Hi all,

Does anybody out there work for Yanke Trucking out of Sasakatoon,Canada?

Does anybody have any info on them?




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I just pulled up Yanke Canada on the web and was unable to contact them through their contact list option through the web. So I called. I had a complaint for them about an aggressive, reckless driver I unfortunatley met along the road in Northern Ontario. I was directed to an answering machine. Moreover, about two years ago, my DF (driving fellow) contacted them about a dedicated run. They told him that they would set up one immediatley. Then promptly sent the papers to sign up. Before sending them back though, we called to confirm what run they had arranged for us. They could not confirm. Later they confessed infact that they did not have a dedicated run for us. Moreover, at the same time we were fishing more companies and got what we wanted. You be the judge of what I think. That's all I know about em.

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