Worst Pickup Line Ever


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I was at the anheuiser busch plant in williamsburg, va yesterday and the guy in front of me was flirting with the gal checking us in. It was all fun and games and i got a chuckle over it as she was so not interested in his lines. Now i have heard them all or so i thought til this guy(us express driver) used this line and i laughed so hard my e-balls had condinsation in them. He told her, now get this, "I BET YOU CAN EAT ", i like a woman who can eat ". I didn't know what to say , all i could muster up was a "wow". I was just rolling as was she. He went on about buffets and hoped she would go back several times. (now she wasn't a big woman) she was thick but not fat at all. After he walked out her and i just laughed about it. And on a side note i think she took offence to it but she had a good spirit and heart and she didn't let it bother her at all. P.S. Guys these lines, esp. like this don't work. From what i understand about women, which is very little, they just want honesty and no B.S. line. Thought i would share that with you all and give you a good laugh. I wish i would have had a camera to show the expression on her face after her said it.


In God We Trust
oh well i thought i would have more reponse on this. i guess i gotta keep this kinda thing to my self.


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I flirt just about everywhere the lookers are... But I'm not about to say something like that to someone I don't know quite well. Of course, I ain't tryin' to pick'em up anyway. I have one, usually with me on the road and have no real interest beyond flirting. I just make them laugh and leave it at that.

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I woulda fell out if I heard that. But, then my charm would have kicked in. But I already know that those gals have heard it all and with that have no interest in ANYONE behind the wheel of a big truck, let alone at her job.

I have nothing funny to add about that, that guy just spent WAY to much time alone in that truck