Word an phrases that make you crazy part deux.


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Tuna fish.:foreheadslap:
Noooo, Really? The Tuna fish as opposed to what? Tuna mammal?
Honestly, what in the **** would I confuse Tuna with had you not said fish?

Just say Tuna!
It's mostly old people like my dad's generation. Who say that...always struck me funny however. I think it's to differentiate between tuna salad and plain tuna.


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"I didn't know whether to s**t or go blind...."

Actually that one is kind of funny and I use it time to time.....HOWEVER....it makes zero sense if we're being honest.


Wouldn't expect anything else from an Ell-annoy-an.
Ill Annoy.

If you're gonna pronounce the silent S, pronounce the damn S like an S, not a Z.
End it like "Joyce".

I've never heard anyone say "Ill annoyce" so you would be the first. :thumbsup:

Don't get me started on towns with French or Spanish names. :D


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The name "Oregon" is rooted in an ancient Indian (feather not dot) language. It means "land of infinite chicken coops"
They definitely have a lot. Most of them are just portable sites that are rarely open, but I have been weighed as many as seven times on a 200 mile run. They had all of the coops open that day. All. of. them.