who is/was the best baseball player?


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I vote for Hank Aaron

your answer?

feel free to argue since it comes so naturally


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I've got nothing against Hank, but I don't think I could rank him ahead of Willy Mays. And yeah, I'm old enough to have seen both play on live TV.


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Pete Rose, Willy Maze and Hank Aaron are definitely top 3.

Are we talking about all around stats or are we talking fan popularity?

In all honesty I would have to say Ted Williams was the best all around player of all time.


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Babe Ruth drank a lot of beer they say

breaking it down by position would be good but it would rack my pea brain too much right now


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Hank Aaron.

When you consider the cultural climate that Hank played in........to do what he did was pretty ****ing amazing.

Hard enough to hit a baseball as well as Hank did, but then add in the distraction of death threats and the feat becomes even more amazing.

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