Whitey is dining in Valhalla


Whitey and Billy last year when he came out for the Talladega race. The hardest part is watching your kids that grew up with him say goodbye.


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Sorry for your loss @Tazz. I've been through it a few times. They really become a huge part of your life. They're always happy to see you and they always bring smiles to our faces even after a ball buster of a day dealing with other humans.


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Damn Roscoe, can't believe I missed this post.

Sorry for your loss Dude.

Me and my new ( rescued 2 weeks ago ) bestest buddy will tip a glass/bowl in Whitey's direction....upload_2017-8-14_4-20-10.png

Just Damn......


So how many of you have seen A Dog's Purpose?

Yeah I know cheesy film, rife with cliche. Gotta tell you thoug h I kinda liked it. Anyways Crys has been telling .e for two days she keeps hearing howling at night but when she goes to look she doesn't see anything. Not odd really we get dogs dropped off all the time.

This am she said she saw this little white streak hauling ass out the gate after her when she went to pick up the kids. Slammed her brakes at first thinking "Crap Whitey is still out" then realizing no that is not it.

She found this sitting at the edge of the driveway.1725.jpeg

Every time she goes to pet it takes off but comes back to the porch when no one is around.

My grandson walked out and calmly kept talking to it. Eventually it came up and laid down beside him. He petted it for a minute and Crys tried to get close it took off for the middle of the yard again

I think I recognize that look. Guess I will see when I get home tomorrow.


I always get them a home. The question is if it is this one.

I tend to doubt it. Older dog, skittish as hell, and not a pack dog. Already bowed up at Pepper when I tried to introduce them.

If it was Whitey reincarnated he would be pissed. Little dust mop dog, and a female:nails:


I'll find her somewhere to be tomorrow but between Pepper and Devo she will be fast food.
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The up side is Aidrich (oldest grandson) seems to have inherited the abilitty to speak dog. So far he and I are the only ones to get it to come over.