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New permit holder looking to go with a company to get my license and drive for. Want to be home 2 days a week. Thinking about Swift or Schneider. Which would you recommend or suggest?


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New to this site. How do you add a poll?
Don't even worry about it, the guy who suggested it is an idiot - he's Canadian, and knows nothing about trucking in the US. The last thing you need to do is to "add a poll." Do your research, and find a reasonable training company to get your CDL through.

Injun Injun drove for Swift and can help you there.

D dchawk81 is a current SNI driver, and does local intermodal.


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Last I heard Schneider closed the door to newbies on the intermodal. Too much equipment was getting torn up. It's either 1 or 2 years I think. They definitely aren't a training carrier AFAIK beyond "The Schneider Way" and that's across the board.

I literally know next to nothing about the company otherwise. I mean it's huge so they probably have something somewhere for someone but the two days off thing? I'm not sure how common it is.

I'm in a corridor though. I can think of 3 more companies off the top of my head with similar enough job descriptions and schedules to be plug & play without adding to my commute. It's a driver feast except when it's deader than a doornail for everybody. I just chose the one that (I think) pays the most without touching freight. I could go next door and make 105k+ but I'd have to mess with the product.
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If you need to be home 2 days a week then OTR isn't for you. Don't listen to the shenanigans carriers will try to sell you, cause it's all crap.