Which American mega-carriers will never require drivers to exit the United States of America while on duty?


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And here I am, just having driven recently to/from Alaska with a KSG15 riding along in the truck. OMG NO PEPPER SPRAY WHAT SHALL I EVER DO


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I'm not even kidding. Ran from Cali to AK and back with a bear gun in the truck. Granted, should there have been 2 legged critters giving me fits, it works all the same... but yes mr customs officer this 15 round pump 12 gauge shotgun is for Wildlife Protection.

I've done the Alcan 6 times now, been halfass chased by some bear and moose around some portapoopers on the road, had to outrun (with our vehicle convoy) a bear being chased by a wolfpack being chased by a herd of charging bison... I'm not even joking. kpzra kpzra can attest to the wildlife shenanigans that have occurred as she's been on every run up/down I've done.

The part that took the longest wasn't the shotty paperwork, it was the customs paperwork for the cargo. Of course, we had the luxury of a couple customs agents that had worked the Alaskan border and had lived in the Yukon, so they knew "the deal" with reality and the middle of nowhere.

Really not worried about getting harassed by a Canuck anyway. It's hard to fight well when half the things being thrown are apologies. 🆒

Flemming Andersen

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I can't help think back over my near 25 years on the roads of both eastern and western Europe... Been driving through some of the most challenging/worst areas (read wild west conditions) in Romania, Bulgaria and Albania, in the years after the Wall came down, between east and west...
Been driving in mob controlled areas in Italy,
been driving in places, most drivers from my own country, would never go to..
and I have never had anything to defend myself with, other than common sense....

Hillbilly Canuck

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Hey, where's your toque eh? :confused-96: Ha look at that guy with no toque on eh,:rolllaugh:
I am sorry I didn't mean to get out of line.
Nevermind the toque. What's up with those fellers with the raggedy beat up chewed off multi colour trucks running around in flip flops and one of these jabbering into a headset in some chicken scratch language?


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Last trip I almost got into a riot with a Canadian. We were both trying to get into Timmys before they closed, kept stepping in front of each other and got held up at the door apologizing.

But yeah, I have never felt uncomfortable/afraid in Canada and I've been there plenty growing up in Michigan. I'm more worried about furry 4 legged critters...

Thunder Road

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I didn't quote a regulation. It's legal to carry wasp/hornet/bear spray. It's also legal to carry a stainless steel ball point pen, which is what I also use for protection. What do you tell a criminal that's trying to rob you; "OK, you can have my cash because I'm not allowed by law to spray you with bear spray or blind you with my ball point pen."


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That's easy, Canada won't have me cause I was a drunk twenty years ago and I'm allergic to Mexico, so they take me as I am or leave me to find someone else, lol. Most will how you without you having to cross a border, they just prefer you can and will. I won't. Got no reason to go to Mexico because all my friends from down there live here now and if I was to be able to cross the Canadian border, I know I would continue right on to Alaska and never be heard from again.


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As a W2 employee, you really don't have much say in the matter.

you do what, "the man" tells you to do for your employment, or you seek wages elsewhere. Kind of just how it works in business.

The other option is you go through the hoops and decide to get your own authority to make the rules and do what you want.
This is where driving for a smaller company comes in handy. If you really don't want to go, threaten to park the truck and quit. If you're a good driver and don't give the company much other issues, they'll find another load for you to run.

I've been to Canada once and honestly don't care to go back. It's not worth the headache of getting another operating authority for what you can make in the lower 48.


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I feel 10 times safer in Canada than the USA

If you’re in a spot as a trucker that you need to defend yourself, or the truck, physically, there was a lot more going wrong and a lot of better decisions that could have been made
Why do Canadians typically assume that the US is some kind of war zone? This is flat out not true and beyond irritating.


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