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I'm not much into fishing but it would be cool just to see what kind of objects are lying around on the bottom of lakes.

The whole area surrounding Wilmington, IL is full of old strip mines that filled with water. Their depth maps show some areas over 100' deep.

Who knows what might be down there. Old mining equipment, ice fishing shanties, sunken boats, lost outboards, Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile, etc.
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White Bird.. No more Angry Bird?

In Idaho, we have a long hill called White Bird Grade. It is a little south of Grangeville and drops into Salmon River Canyon. That's always a beautiful drive.
HI Injun 😊
No, good old Angry Bird is now retired to driving mostly back home in Denmark, mainly as help truck to my bosses crane work.
He was afraid that it would start to show signs of age, if I kept using it for my work, and break downs in Norway, can very quickly be VERY expensive 🙄