what's your view right now? (or from whenever Flemming asks for them)


I love KW 680s
Hey now,I had a bloody mary and a couple of tappers, but my food wasn't there yet.

Had to get the total picture....

You lucked out there AK7 AK7 ...that big plate of food was only gonna KILL your Drinking Buzz..

Late means ya got an extra few on an Empty Gut


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12" of snow in the last week.

It seems my favorite past time is snow removal right now....

Forecast calls for another 6" in the next 24 hours.


Flemming Andersen

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Hey Guys 😊 you are not forgotten, but things has been pretty hectic here, along with me not feeling too well.. I am waiting for a date to have surgery, so that I will be able to breathe through my nose again..
But I haven't forgotten to take a few pictures 😁
Good old Angry Bird is now a senior truck, we passed the 1 million kilometers in January 💪😎


Later on, during the "jubilee trip" we hit a hurricane op north, and Northern Norway was cut off from the rest of the world for around 36 hours.. 48451