Whats for Supper?


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Since when did a home cooked meal become heathen food??? Cooks of today have gone ape chic.....fruit loops....fast food nuts with a case of metal retardation. Really , unbelievable. Totally case of canned stupid. Ok threw with rant.


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dunno know for tonight..maybe a marie callender dinner, or a pizza, or a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sammich....


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Son of Baconator combo. Large fry and drink and a small chocolate frosty. Large strawberry lemonade.

Dude right after me ordered a 10 piece nuggets. TWO Baconators (hold the mayo, to cut down on fat I assume), and a large fry.

I’m bad enough.

The dude behind me is why I don’t want to pay for everyone else’s health care. Judging by the looks that’s a regular occurrence for him.


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Today.....I am going to treat my two blessings adult daughter and son to a eat out dinner. We three are all single....we are good company for each other on holidays. No cooking or clean up to do for this affair.....just pleasurable food and company. Happy Easter to all. Stay safe ...drive with care....