Whats for Supper?


In Gord we trust!
Did she give ya a quiche on the cheek also?
No and she did not include a jug of mimosa. That is something I should bring up at Festivus, when we have the airing of the grievances!:D


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Salmonella sandwich after work and cheeseburger before work.

Driver appreciation week = grillin' outside the office.

Good timing too because I didn't get groceries again.


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Do any of you ever ask or request from your cooks dishes that you crave???
Not very often no, few times a year at most. If she asks me for a suggestion I'll offer something up. If she gives me the nose scrunch I'll offer something else or maybe we'll throw a few ideas back and forth. I'm not a picky eater so I'm happy with anything and I'm also thankful she cooks for me at all so IMO to constantly request meals wouldn't be very polite.
well,it is raining cats and dogs here,has been since yesterday and should rain for the next day or so
I got bored and thought I would try to pop some of that popcorn I grew
turned out better than I hoped for
it popcorn.jpg tastes pretty good
I better grow some more next year


In Gord we trust!
It was going to be chicken and some tater salad, until I opened the package of chicken and it smelled like a fart.:(
So, now it is pizza.
This evening dinner for me is meatloaf, baked potato, with tossed salad..French bread. Iced down 7 up.