Whats for Supper?


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Salmonella sandwich after work and cheeseburger before work.

Driver appreciation week = grillin' outside the office.

Good timing too because I didn't get groceries again.


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Carry in tonight......fried cod, French fries, green beans, tossed salad .....sat outside to eat tonight in the fresh air. Should sleep like a baby tonight.


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Do any of you ever ask or request from your cooks dishes that you crave???
Not very often no, few times a year at most. If she asks me for a suggestion I'll offer something up. If she gives me the nose scrunch I'll offer something else or maybe we'll throw a few ideas back and forth. I'm not a picky eater so I'm happy with anything and I'm also thankful she cooks for me at all so IMO to constantly request meals wouldn't be very polite.


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well,it is raining cats and dogs here,has been since yesterday and should rain for the next day or so
I got bored and thought I would try to pop some of that popcorn I grew
turned out better than I hoped for
it popcorn.jpgtastes pretty good
I better grow some more next year