Whats for Supper?


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anyone ever cook up a pork loin? (it is not a tenderloin)

i see a lot of recipes, but seems like each one has a different temp to cook at and a different internal temp for when it's done.

when cooking in the oven, is it supposed to be covered by foil, or cooked uncovered?

(recipes are not specific in this)

i wanted to get one today, on sale, then maybe freeze it till next week.

thanks in advance
we have a Rotisserie we put a loin on every so often with a rub.
it`s good but somewhat dry.I`m trying to recall the best way we cooked ours.
internal temp is supposed to be at least 145 I think but I could be wrong.I also think we set it on 225 degrees.

my sister in law cooks hers at 325 in the oven untill it reaches 160 ,it`s wrapped in tinfoil with a cup of beef broth or chicken broth
in there to help keep it moist as possible