Whats for Supper?


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Waiting for daddy warbucks (@ironpony ) to show up and get the check....
It's been a while.
I'm starting to think he isn't going to show.

I may be partially responsible since I didn't mention it to but, damn!
I get tired of having to tell him everything.

Num, num! Salsa 'n chips!!

I could go fer some of that. On th' wrong coast tho.



In Gord We Trust!
Last night it was a two egg omelette that grew into a four egg omelette with ham and cheese.

I also made Newfie steak! Newfie steak is fried bologna but not that thin sliced crap. It has to be sliced about a half inch thick. Damn! It was good


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Yesterday started ham and pinto beans cooking in slow cooker for today evening dinner and already baked a small pan of cornbread....to this I shall add a pan of fried potatoes with white onion...along with a grilled steak and small bowl of peaches for desert. tall glass of milk for a chaser.