What's currently in your CD,MP3,Itune,cassette player etc?


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Today's specials are: SRV-Texas Flood,The Sky is Crying. Robin Trower-Someday Blues.


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Same thing that should be in everybody's.....Led Zeppelin.

Said ya dug me since you were 13
Then you giggle as you heave and sigh


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Just put in Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. By the way his new DVD release is coming. Filmed at the Agora in Cleveland,OH. www.mahoganyrush.com unbelievable rocker after all these years. What blew my mind was that he has been clean and sober to this day.


i don't buy cd's. i just listen to the radio.

i have no MP3 player.

i do not rent, nor buy DVD's.

i have no iTunes

i have no cassette player.

i do however, have running water and a toilet that flushes......most times.


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aside from your own music player, which only is limited to your own music...
go XM (satellite radio) music options are opened ten fold.
everything else you mentioned is basically having your own music from those items.
satellite radio beats all of that when you're on the road.....well in fact in general always ! for radio !


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I had XM for a couple of years. I got tired of their playlists. They didn't vary much. Same 20 songs all day, every day. I paid for radio and had a ****-ton of commercials anyway. Not worth the money, in my opinion.


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Me new Dodge came with a years worth of sat radio.......meh, I listen sometimes but when the years up so is the sat.

My new company has it in the trucks so I'll still have it iffin I want it.

I don't really know why I posted this.


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I have the Beach Boys on 8 track.
Mott the Hoople on the reel to reel.
Ozzy on a cassette,Terri Clark on cd and Rage Against the Machine on the Xm.

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