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So I've started on rgn's still plugging away. Heading to Kansas with a couple long machines on a step this week and coming home from Colorado with a boom.

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I didn't know you were from the Canada
Yeah, that is a rough streatch to the Rockies, Even with a dry van.
Never mind an O D load .
Best of luck to you!:thumbsup:
Yeah I am but much like everyone else I've talked to REALLY not a fan of going over the top. When I first started driving I was doing it with heavy tridem loads of steel every week. Definitely not my bag but here at least we go just about everywhere so it changes up. I did 13 wide to BC and 13 wide most of the way back a couple weeks ago. That was we will say errr.....uh.....interesting.


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Are you with Movin' Iron?

They used to have guys in wind energy. Not sure if they still do.
Nope. Never heard of them. We mostly do Caterpillar and McCloskey stuff some other random things like that one but no windmill things that I've seen or been made aware of.
They use some sort of single beam trailers for those blades do they not? I've seen them on the road just never looked one over up close.


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We used stretch, steerable flat beds, and later on actual blade trailers. 3 center sections stretched, 1 rear tail slide out, also steerable.


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It's been a while but here's the latest; a grader I got to climb my trailer with in Galveston. Then of course there's the wee little stacker I brought down from Canada that had delivery instructions that included "Follow me across this cow pasture over the hills and across the creek."

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