What is the best fuel filter for a Davco?


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The guy who tuned my truck races with these guys. He's pushing 95-98 mph in a quarter mile at 14ish seconds with bobtail

I'd trust him LONG before some Yahoo in Davenport.;)



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Really learned a lot about fuel with these small micron filters.

I've learned that fuel in Texas can really plug one of these 7 micron filters up quick. It's not just coincidence from one or to fill ups. Be it pilot or TA, the fuel struggles to get through a 7 micron filter when cold. I guess it's a combination of the bio content, and lack of winterization.

I fueled at the new TA in Hillsboro, TX on my way to Laredo, and topped off their again on my way back up. Weather was really warm (almost 90). Checked my fuel filter when I got home, and it was only 1/3 full. Temp dropped off cold while I was at home, and I ended up having to put a new filter in 50 miles from my house because the filter was totally plugged up. Had the weather not gotten colder, I would have been fine.

Even with the new filter, restriction gauge was reading 5. Ran the fuel down really low and fueled again in Brooklyn, IA. Restriction immediately dropped down to 1.

Before this truck, my Davco filters were just a 25 micron filter because I always had a 2nd filter in the system, so the different fuels were never an issue.

It's really a fuel issue more than a filter issue.

I see similar issues when the temp swings from 30ish to near zero or running north to south.

Pay close attention to performance of the truck, fuel up in the North and run South and the truck will actually run rougher the further south you go.

Northern tier fuel doesn't like running South of like I70 and definitely I40. The fuel properties are too different.

I loaded up full with fuel in Louisiana. By the time I got to Kentucky, I had a "plugged" filter. Davco was full to the top.

Put in 55 gallon fuel in Mt Vernon, by the time I got to Charleston, fuel filter level was back to normal.

I'd still recommend the wix 33651 over the Donaldson. More so for cost. You can get O'Reilly or parts central to order them.

Napa same part and make is 3561.


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I switch to a Wix 33656 fuel filter. It's the 25 micron elemax fleetguard
I got in a bind this past week and used a larger fuel filter than what my Davco calls for. It's the 382, and I used a filter that is made for a 382 with the larger bowl. Filter fits, but not alot of room for fuel outside of the filter. Ordered new filters, and planned on replacing it ASAP. Waited too long, as it was in the truck still this morning when I started it after consecutive days of temps dropping near zero. The result? lots of restriction! It ran though, performance wasn't really an issue, so I got the delivery made this morning, reloaded, then got the filter replaced.

Had it been much colder today, I may not have been moving.

Live and learn....