Owner Operator What are you doing about Health Insurance?


Since it’s still like 1993 in Canada and The U.P. You’re probably right.

I mooch off my wife’s health insurance.

15 years ago as a teachers aide the insurance was dynamite. School districts used to have to most awesome insurance aside from state and municipal workers.

Then it got less and less great.

Now that she’s a full blown teacher, it’s still not as good as it used to be.

AND, every year we have to closely examine each plan when it used to be a slam dunk decision.

In an industry with 30 year smokers, rampant obesity, and health problems galore...we have to compare in detail...

With school districts.

Nothing is what it used to be.


Thank you for the input. Our Association has been working on this for quite some time, and we have the same frustrations as you - and you're exactly right about the industry population - not a lot of Health Insurance carriers standing in line to provide coverage to our group.

We are working hard on an Association Health Plan, but there are legal questions surrounding those - some states allow, some don't - it's a huge mess.

NAIT is close to releasing an app that will include FREE telemedicine for all of our members. Any member can access a US based/licensed doctor 24/7 and have a video chat within 10 minutes, and prescriptions are discounted using over 40 discount programs - showing you the best price/pharmacy within 20 miles of your current location. There is no co-pay for the doctor "visit".

We are hoping this will fill a huge gap for our members and ease the burden of not having a full major medical insurance policy. We are also continuing the search for a Health Insurance option and plan to release more info soon.

Thanks again for the input.