What are the must have items for new drivers

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Hozer Witta Hood
Bring a good pair of work gloves. No not fingerless gloves. I almost wretch when I see a driver opening their door bare handed.
I have always had a rule one my truck even when i was a trainer, You don't touch anything outside on the truck without gloves and glove are not for indoors.
Nothing like grease on the steering wheel to ruin my day.

This one I got from @Sinister baby wipes. So handy when you get your hands dirty and no place to wash up. Baby wipes are a must have.
Baby wipes are awesome!
Someone suggested geriatric wipes because they’re bigger. For those days when showering isn’t an option

Ontario Outlaw

Hozer Witta Hood
5 gal white paint bucket with lid from Walmart, as mentioned, is a definite MUST HAVE beit it for a male or female. I'm a female who had to hold it 11 hours one time. NEVER AGAIN! The paint bucket is also the perfect height. *wink* Just don't forget the trash bags to line it.

For a male an empty windshield washer bottle is great and can hold a lot of urine, especially when one is sitting in a gravel yard with no facilities for hours on end.

And someone mentioned baby wipes. Buy those at Walmart too - twice as many for less than half price at a rip-off truck stop and keep plenty on hand for many times they can be your only sponge bath when you've been sleeping in gravel lots for several days in a row, like my husband and i are having to do for the 3rd night in a row. *sigh*

Boost protein bars and nutritional drinks for when you cannot have anything that even resembles a balanced meal.