We got trolled.

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This came across our employee app.

Smells Fresh! Schneider trucks get really orange.

To make diesel trucks more efficient and environmentally friendly, a substance called Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is used in the exhaust system to more thoroughly “scrub” the air that is released into the atmosphere. In addition to making the trucks more fuel efficient, it helps ensure that truck emissions are as low as possible. Now, a revolutionary new type of DEF is being introduced for use in all Schneider P4 trucks.
Working in tandem with our Maintenance team, our DEF supplier has developed orange-scented DEF. As Bruce Raum, lead chemist at DEF Additives, Inc. explains, “We found that we could easily add natural essential oils to the existing deionized water and urea solution currently in use. We did extensive testing and found no adverse effects on fuel efficiency or harm to the exhaust system components.”
Why add essential oils? Maintenance leader Rob Reich says, “It’s two-fold: tests showed that the citric acid helped the absorption rate of the DEF. In fact, our lean burn air-to-fuel ratio increased by .03% which means the isocyanic acid is being hydrolyzed faster and we are using less fuel. In addition, the exposure to citric acid particulates increased alertness and reaction time in drivers, so it is a real safety benefit.”
Mike Norder, Marketing leader sees benefits as well: “It’s going to be a great branding and recruiting tool. We’re already known for our orange trucks, and this will make them truly orange. Imagine being at a truck stop, getting a whiff of fresh orange in the air, and then seeing one of our trucks. Over time, it’s like creating a sensory Pavlovian reaction to our trucks. It’s a branding dream come true.”
But what do drivers think? Those who have been involved the pilot program love it. Van Truckload driver Chip Hill says, “I was skeptical at first; I thought ‘I don’t want to drive around smelling like a carton of orange juice!’ But after a few days I really started to love it – its smells fresh and clean, and I’ve gotten great feedback from customers. The other day I delivered a load to a dog food plant, and they actually asked if I could just hang around and let my truck idle for a while to freshen up the place!”
Unfortunately, there’s a current shortage on orange essential oils. So, for now, the new scented DEF will only be in use for one day: April 1, 2019 – which also happens to be… April Fools.


i always add fresh orange peels to my fuel tanks, doesn't make my truck turn orange, but it does make the exhaust smell tangy.....


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we work at night, delivering to locked up warehouses...no one there to cry for me, either way..but I DO CRY each night,when i have to go to work, counting the time down before i retire....

then, i'll be laughing........
yea so how much longer before your laughing in your millions :confused-96::D. hell i retired at 46:). it's a great feeling with nothing to worry about other than what's for dinner and whats for supper:)
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