Walmart with Truck Parking


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That is doubtful. Have you seen the nerds they have out there in the parking lots?
I doubt it. Walmart doesn't want that type of liability. The get sued often enough and tend to stand on the side of the anti gun people.
It's not Walmart employees putting the boots on vehicles.


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That won't do any good... unless you want to heave it through your windshield.
Yep, they wised up to people cutting the wheel boots. The windshield boot even has a loud alarm so they hear it as soon as you start trying to remove it.


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I always try to make it look like I'm delivering a load. And not always to a Walmart. I generally use them as a last resort. I had a market of MaorPull Trucking Company in United States.
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I-40 exit 58 Clarksville AR has two rows of truck parking in dedicated lot.

I-49 exit 25 I think, anyhow the exit for us60 in Neosho Mo, 1.5 miles east, this one has a dedicated lot with around 20 spaces.

I-30 exit 30 Fulton AR has a dedicated lot with about 7 spaces and a Verizon store next to it as well.

I-30 xit 98 Rockport AR, this one has no lot but allows shopping.

I-40 xit 253 Winslow AZ has a truck parking lot right next too it, holds several trucks.

Almost all Wal-Mart's on us 69 in Oklahoma allow truck parking.

US 400 Garden city Kansas allows truck parking on north end of the lot.

I-10 exit 109 Louisiana the pilot there has a Wal-Mart right behind it, notice this is not a 24 hour store.

I-57 exit 10, Missouri, smoke shop and small grocery store on north side of interstate.

I-40 exit 21 new Mexico, always has trucks parked around it both in the lot and on the street.

aside from one in Georgia which I don't want to list because of the new habit of booting trucks in this state, these are the ones I have rooted out so far. If I repeated any, forgive me, I just went through copying my book. If I remember, I will post any others I find along the way.


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My wife is type 1 diabetic and my full time companion out here, so we try and keep track of the Wal-Mart's we can stop at for her medical needs because they are by far the cheapest place to acquire them.


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Shakopee, Mn.

Lots of stuff in Wall ain’t distance too.

Except now when it’s -20.

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I used to deliver in Shakopee but there just aren't enough hours to get past Wisconsin from here in one day, even starting with a secured load to start and just go.
I beg to differ :D

Minneapolis to Sarnia in one days drive, it’s doable. Through the UP, too

I’ve done London to Webster City Iowa in one day going the other way, again through the UP.

The UP is the secret :nails:


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So I use trucker path to scout out stops and try to find Walmart with truck parking so I can get some shopping done when I'm out for more than a week. More than once trucker path has showed me a Walmart that's supposed to have some truck spots. I show up. ( One example is Fayetteville Georgia) and there is no truck parking signs posted all over saying no unauthorized parking. Go in and talk to management and they say yeah you can shop just don't park overnight and come out to local police waiting on the wrecker to tow my rig. (Fortunately I got in the truck before the wrecker got there). So I thought it might be nice if y'all know of Walmarts without actual truck parking to post the location in the thread so others can see places and make stops.

One I know of I-49 exit 77 in Missouri. Has about 15 truck spots.
Others include Oak Grove, Mo Petro across Street you can walk to Walmart I 70 mm 28