Volvo to introduce powertrain enhancements, improved aerodynamics


Diet Coke
Staff member
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Volvo Trucks in North America Thursday will introduce powertrain enhancements and advanced aerodynamics for its VN highway series aimed at delivering an 8 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over EPA 2007 engines with additional gains possible through the use of new fleet management and driver development tools.

The company said it would also introduce new interior features designed to increase comfort and productivity, giving customers additional tools for reducing costs and attracting and retaining drivers.

The announcements will be made at a mid-morning news conference just prior to the opening of the Mid-America Trucking Show here.

Ron Huibers, Volvo Trucks senior vice president, sales and marketing is expected to say that the company is aggressively continuing to target areas to help lower customers’ operating costs.

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