Update on APU

So here we are many months later and I needed an hvac tech to work on my mini split. Surprise all the ones I talked to were too worried about liability to even touch it. So I acquired a 22,00 btu under the dash A/C system drone Cold Masters out of Florida $591 delivered to my door. I then got a 5 hp electric motor to run the A/C compressor and then I discovered that my generator wasn’t big enough for the motor. $854 later I was the proud owner of a Pulsar 10,000 watt electric start generator. It’s now all installed and on Monday morning I’ll get the system charged up. Here are some of the pics. I also added a 3,000 watt inverter along with a 30/80 amp charger maintainer a fridge/freezer and a 1,000 watt microwave. 91A8D938-DFEF-41EA-9527-AA11F55D545E.jpegAAE8FE7F-A6C7-43DC-8FE0-0B18910DB083.jpegAAE8FE7F-A6C7-43DC-8FE0-0B18910DB083.jpegBB15C677-EAA2-4EB4-8629-AC9CFF604239.jpeg