Unwilling participant in a cover up with Dircet Transit Inc. (DTI)


This happened with my first company Direct Transit Inc. (DTI). I only worked for them from 7/96 to 1/97 when the owner was facing fedral prision time for tax evasion and swift bought them up. On November 1st about 2 am in their drop yard in Minnesota backing up over what i thought was frozen ruts i ruptured the crossover line on a rock and dumped about 70 gallons. I reported this on the qc marco but the only one to show up was a wrecker. After we got to the shop the wrecker driver wanted to known if DTI was going to take care of the fuel spill because if not by law he had to call the hazmat team. I called my dispatcher, Brain and he told me to tell him we'll take care of it and to tell the driver to mind his own buisness. That was the last i heard about it. Before swift took over Brian let us know he had another job and it turned out his last day ended up being mine. I think mainly do to the fuel spill. My record wasnt perfect but my DAC was clean nothing was ever reported about that or any other incidents i had. While waiting for my bus at the moosic terminal i saw the mechanics going around asking drivers that were staying for $15 they would take the speed limiters off the trucks. I never realised tell much later how bad they screwed me out of money never reimbursing for scales tolls and even fuel. I remember one driver talking about how they owed him and his dad so much they had 2 dti trailers in ther back 40, idk if that was true. About a year later ran into a swift driver who cliamed he had an old dti truck that did triple digits..