Under 8 Month Contract with CRST Van Ex

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I'm currently almost 3 months into my 8 month contract with CRST. They paid for my schooling. I am prepared to pay them back in full (whether from them paying me Very minimal paychecks -- which they do anyway -- or by payments if I was to leave the company.) I have discovered how much I despise team driving. I've been through THREE Co-drivers in under Four weeks! I can't get rested on a moving truck, and CRST doesn't pay enough that I can even eat when I'm out on the road...Those of you that are already familiar with CRST know exactly what I'm refering to. The only co-drivers they seem to be able to find are lazy or live at Least 4 hours away from me. I have a family, and I want to be home at least some of the time, but they're making that impossible for me. Does anyone have any advice or know of any companies that would hire someone that is still under contract??? I desperately want to drive Solo! You can depend on yourself, but in my experience Not others!
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I know CRST filed a class action lawsuit against J.B. Hunt and Werner and won. I believe J.B. Hunt and Werner both agreed to not hire CRST's Contract Drivers. I have heard alot of stories and read alot of articles on it but I think I am going to play the safe card on this one and stick it out with CRST even though they dont pay the best and have some interesting people on their payroll. I am just going to stick out the 8 months and that way they cant hold anything over my head, Besides I have found a co driver that I think I can actually get along with and work really well with and im going to give it a shot. I really appreciate your input. Thanks and wish me luck.


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This is why ive never drove team and never will ive never been under a contract but if it were me i would apply but just dont tell the company about your contract the worse thing they can do is say no theyd find out be4 they hired u i would think ive talked to many crst drivers during my 7 yr and most feel the same way u do next time u go somewhere dont sign any contract and if youre forced into it then dont drive for them
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