Ugh my training experience is not going well....

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Some back story. I started trucking school about a month ago at the swift academy. Spent 3 weeks there, the tuesday before last i started the 3 day orientation with swift. Then friday i was assigned to my mentor to do the 200 behind the wheel hours. Well the guy i got stuck with didnt know ****, any time id ask a question hed say he doesnt know and move on like i never asked. When he DiD answer my questions 90% of the info was bull ****. Not to mention that he rejected more loads than he accepted. And i was quickly falling behind. So after about 6 days of that **** i requested a new trainer. So this passed thursday i was assigned to a different guy. And i explained to him that he was going to have to treat me as a newbie because even tho i was almost done with my first 50 hours.....i felt like id had ZERO training. I was a week in and i didnt even know how to send a macro or what PTA was. So the new trainer agreed to solo for a few days to catch me up. I drove 8ish hours yesterday. We park for the night and today hes like "ok im gonna go into sleeper and take a nap wake me when we get to the reciever" this frustrated me to no end. I tried to explain i wasnt ready, and that he agreed to solo. He finally was like fine. Ill stay off duty but sit with you. Take a couple hour nap then ill drive my shift. And im like "oh **** that. Im not gonna sleep in the back with you driving knowing your on lack of sleep" anyways there was some back and forth and he said he was dropping me at the nearest terminal.

Why the **** do people become trainers if they are just in it for the $$. Im not on a trainers truck to rack up their miles i am there to learn!. Anyways now im up in a hotel on companys dime til monday when i can get yet another (hopefully more competent) trainer. cuz my driver coordinator is off on weekends lol.

Rant over lol
What terminal are you out of?