Truckstop Bathrooms "WTF"


I love KW 680s
Wow. Old thread. So many regular members that disappeared years ago.

Whatever happened to Boone? Did we p:ss him off?

By "we" I mean "I".. :toothpick:
I left him a "Birchy" Bomb ..except my dumbass thought I was still ten and set it on fire and knocked on the door
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In Gord we trust!
I often say that I wouldnt care if the "Rest" of HUMANITY just Died Off 2morrow..

More than "enough" in Wharehouses and on Store Shelves to "LAST" me a LONG TIME
Yeah, The show, last man on earth was pretty good as an idea of what to do if you became the last man on earth. Kinda started to suck donkey balls when he ran into other people and it ceased to be the last man on earth show.
I think it got cancelled with no finally episode.