Trucking News: Truckers protest cap & trade bill


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Cap and Trade’s Economic Impact

Six experts weigh in on the consequences for the U.S. economy if Congress creates a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system.

Expert Roundup by Toni Johnson, Interviewer

March 10, 2009

President Bush not only accepted the cap, he overruled his advisers' recommendation of an eight million-ton cut in annual acid rain emissions in favor of the ten million-ton cut advocated by environmentalists.



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How many credits do I need for my F250? I'd like 10 years' worth, k thnx.



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Put out the got damned forest fires up there and the air would ****ing be cleaner. It ain’t rocket surgery.


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I've noticed when states raised their speed limits they tend to raise their fuel taxes significantly not long after. Got to hand it to Oregon though making it a "sin tax" is alot more honest (though still b.s) than California lie that it's for infrastructure