TriPak or Carrier

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I am looking to get an APU for my 2000 Pete. I am trying to sort out pros and cons of these two brands. Please advise on your experience with either one or both


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Kind of depends on how you'll use it.

Got a buddy who does a lot of trade show/concert type work. For him, the shore power options of the carrier makes sense. He can just run a cord to the main power outlet and he's good for however long he's there. Engine won't run. He'll have power and AC/heat.

For those of us that are running "wherever". Don't have ready access to shore power, I'd recommend nothing but the tripac with certain upgrades as well as improvements. Mainly thing like a metal idler pulley and some wiring changes.

I'd also recommend a better full sine wave inverter with shore power options.
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I am in Texas and want a good AC so that I can keep cool on the road hauling my flat bed. I am a Texas resident and move about the south east and some West Texas runs. COOL SLEEPING is my main goal. Not worried all that much about shore power etc, just keeping cool


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My preference would be for the tripac. I'd also suggest making sure you have a high quality insulation job on the truck too.

My personal truck has one, both the guys that run under my authority have a tripac as well.


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TriPak. Better unit, more reliable, more places to get it fixed if it does break and in my experience, easier to work on. Quieter as well.