Travel Centers Of America To Invest Millions In Repairs and Upgrades


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TravelCenters of America is planning to spend $135 million fixing up its truck stops.

According to a press release, there’ll be new showers, tiled bathroom floors, bigger parking lots, restaurant renovations and exterior painting and lighting improvements.

Company officials said they expect the work to be done by the end of next year, but didn’t say how many of the more than 230 TA truck stops will get the upgrades.

Source: Land Line


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Guess all those idleair parking spaces didnt work out too well for them. Yeah I'm talking to you T/A Mt Vernon.


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I don't know if this will be enough money, seriously.

Lighting is much needed at many of these locations. Fixing gigantic holes at locations like Terrell, Texas is a big need. Striping of many parking lots are needed.

Many of these facilities are just seriously run down.

Removal of any and all Idle Air facilities would be a huge facelift :)


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Ya that kind of money will fix maybe two of them i hope anyway.

Agreed. Based on what they take in everyday, that ain't even a drop in the bucket. What is that equal to, about a million per facility? I'm not mad at them, kinda happy actually,'cause I stop at those truckstops sometimes......:tiphat:

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