Trucking News: Three of Four Axles' Brakes Fail in Truck vs. Bus Crash


Rabid Squaw
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Kennewick, WA: Potato truck crashed into a city bus. Driver said his brakes failed at the traffic light. DOT inspection confirmed three of the four axles on this truck did not have functional brakes.

Anybody want to step up and tell us why brake inspections at scales are a government overreach?

Brakes on 3 axles failed before potato truck slammed transit bus

Washington State Patrol Trooper Chris Thorson confirmed Wednesday that initial tests show the brakes on three of the truck’s four axles failed.

Witnesses told investigators that Moya-Jimenez did the only thing he could while piloting what had become a potato-filled battering ram. He laid on the horn in an attempt to warn other drivers that he was out of control, said Thorson.