This thread is worthless without pics

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oh wait i bet it's self driving so the goon will be in the bunk on there phone or tablet not paying attn to the alarms to take control when they need to :stare1:
"Accessed through a sliding door, the Neptune's cabin is as futuristic as any concept car, outfitted with "transparent" A-pillars that use screens to show what's on the other side, driver monitoring cameras, and a small living space that includes a kitchen, shower, and toilet and a sleeping area for two. When the truck is used in autonomous mode, the windshield can be used as a giant movie screen. "

Not necessarily mean you need to keep seating long time on it!


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Leave it to Volvo to make something that is uglier than they already make. At lease the Hyundai is cool looking.


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Didn't we already come to the realization that the only way to crack enough water to make the required hydrogen is to haul a nuclear reactor around with it???