Thermo King unit - Won't cycle off

Anyone ever experienced TK not cycling off at all in start stop mode?? Causes? , Solutions ????


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If the outside temperature is such that the unit can't reach the set temperature it can be a number of reasons. First, did the self check mode indicate any problems?

The condenser coils can have dirt and debris in them that prevents the coolant from giving off enough heat - spray washing it may be all it needs.

Not enough coolant in the system. That usually results in an error code.

Compressor belts worn or slipping.

The compressor itself is in need of repair.

Start with the simple stuff.


Or it's programmed to run on continuous whenever it's at a certain setpoint.

They can do that. Like program it for 58-60 degrees and it'll assume you've got bananas and go to continuous run mode.
Thanks ?? no codes, coolant good. possible dirt I'll check - thanks I'll let ya know
ps temp is mild, easily maintaining set 33 no prob, it's like a switch or sensor isnt allowing a auto cycle off. defrosted manually, turned off back on still no change. Wierd?
used tk's years personally have never seen issue before
precedent, purchased new (3 yrs old in nov18
Spoke to thermoking said bring it in could be a # of things. Called my old company, they told me it's a bad battery. My amperage is to high. so guess I'll go here in iowa to tk. getting that battery out is a pain in the keister
I tried once and punted, its ridiculous

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