The missing link for a roof fairing


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I'm stuck looking for a part of fix my companies roof fairing. I've scowared the internet looking for this part, and now I'm wondering if the part can even be bought or do I need to replace the entire fairing. Anyone know a place I can order the broken extender? Know the exact name of the part? Do I need to buy an entire new fairing? I jumped on the international tractor to see if there was any mention of a model or manufacture name/number and there was nothing.



fairing extender??

i supposed you tried bone yards? person..???

there may be junk trucks parked on various company lots, that they are cannibalizing and not putting those parts online or in the papers.

check around the various trucking companies, even truck repair garages, tow yards. not everyone advertises.


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Thank you so much. Just researched some salvage lots with a lot of trucks around and I'm going to go hunting. Thank you so taking the time to make a suggestion.