Truck Repair The lube thread

Ontario Outlaw

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Does it squeak, creak, groan moan or howl?

Having a hard time making it fit in the hole?

Been together since Adam was a boy and tighter than a pair of nuns knees?

Try some lube ;)

r3gulator3 r3gulator3 swears by PB blaster. So, I’m giving ‘er a go

What are you using?


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I love fluid film for stuff I don't have to get near, cause that's nasty stuff if it gets on you.

Slip Plate is my go to graphite spray, for pawls, dogs, and lock pins.

Liquid Wrench blue can is lubricant only for the winches, lasts a long time, almost lets them spin too freely.

I'll buy PB if I need it, but usually just have WD-40 in the truck.

And of course, every carhaulers best friend and most hated job to apply, Slip Plate graphite paint.