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If she keep a copy of the quite letter it all could have been. Cleared up easy but now the best thing to do is, try and clear it up your self or hire a lawyer
Basically Swift has everything proving what I said is correct. They have the records showing I spoke to Onroad 17 times in a 15 day span. They have shop records showing I was at 3 terminals within 3 days having my truck serviced. They have a tow truck bill to pay for my truck and trailer being towed from Zanesville Ohio to Columbus Ohio Terminal. The tow truck driver knew he was there because trucks exhaust was to much for me and I couldn't drive anymore. They opened a W/C claim due to hospital visit in PA. They have all the Qualcomm messages leaving a trail of my ware bouts. They have there employee Rick at the drivers window who instructed me where to place the resignation paper to be received by Swift. Rick also took and put trucks in my name and logged it in to a book for records. Rick logged the company van being used by what driver to take me to Harrisburg bus terminal around 10:15 AM.

I have a hospital document showing I was treated for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. I have a dated bus ticket record showing I purchased a ticket with my debit card
to Cleveland Ohio on the 30th. I have phone records showing how many times I called Swift personnel and how long we talked. I have an incoming call from
Swift Terminal in Kansas... that was Dan Johnson on the 2nd asking me to go inside the terminal. I explained I resigned on the 30th and was at home.
According to them they fired me on the 4th. So... my last load ran was the 29th and I just sat at that terminal for 5 days and was then fired? I have pictures
of me in the ER room with my face and neck red. {a clear sign of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning} pictures of my truck being towed, truck with it's hood up inside
shops being worked on. I have 2 ppl I spoke with constantly about what was going on with all this. My DM knew what I was going through, we talked several times a
day about the problems I was having.

I applied for and am waiting on a document from the hospital showing me what blood tests were done, hopefully drug and alcohol test.
I applied for and am waiting on DAC report, could take up to 15 days from last Thursday.
I have never been asked or refused a drug / alcohol test.
I was never late on any loads.
I did have an accident where I misjudged how much space I had to complete a left turn and hit a Do Not Enter sign in PA. I called the police myself, nobody else called to report it.

I don't want to push anything that happened to me out there. I feel it is what it is and a chance all of us take doing this job. I cut my ties and walked away. Unfortunately for some reason Swift isn't letting go as easily as I did and will not explain why. I would think they would want to know what happened out there so they can hold whomever accountable for dropping the ball so many times but we are all just expendable numbers to them.
while i understand the "live and let live" sentiment expressed in the last paragraph, its neither prudent nor moral in your case. swift has wronged you, and from the sounds of it, wronged you intentionally. the just thing, and thus the moral thing, to do would be to find a lawyer and sue them BIG. crooked thieves like the higher ups at swift can only learn through punishment they understand:their wallets. cant believe anyone goes to work for them anymore...all you have to do is google "swift lawsuits" to find out what thieves they are. (mostly referring to class action lawsuit against swift for the money they STOLE from 9k drivers when they provided inadequate training at their tenn terminal...and fbi raided them...blah blah blah. quite a disgusting display even for a mega carrier)

you DESERVE to be compensated for your trials in regard to your medical issue, and for the blatant defamation of character. but more importantly, they deserve to be financially punished for both. give the millions to charity after its awarded if its a moral pronlem for you to keep it. but do the right thing...and make the crooked ******* pay.


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It wasn't the FBI. It was DOT, among a few other auditing type agencies. It had far more to do with forged documents having been presented by students in order to unlawfully acquire CDLs they were not eligible to get. Swift's Millington Academy staff are not document examiners and accepted them at face value.

Additionally, there were problems with one of the third-party testers. The third-party tester problem is what made all those students have to retest in their home states, to ensure the tester did not pass someone who could not do the tasks necessary for the safe operation of a CMV. I believe Swift paid for the home-state testing and sent notification to every student's last known address. If the student moved and left no forwarding, it wasn't Swift's fault. They did what they could.

Yeah....some "raid." The agencies asking for documents left a list of what they wanted and the Millington staff had it all boxed up and waiting for them the next morning. That was a big "raid," alright.

The permanent fix for what happened is students from outside Tennessee have to show up with permits in hand and then have to return to their home states for testing. It avoids the whole original problem and places the onus for document validation back on the states.

And anyway, this was all five years ago. Nothing left to see here.
perhaps the article i read was incorrect, but

Class action CDL suit against Swift continues | Overdrive - Owner Operators Trucking Magazine

i quote, " (dot) AND FBI raided the academy...". it was indeed swift's fault. might notve been if theyd done something to reimburse the students whom theyd inadequately trained, but of course, the lawsuit proves they were fine with stealing their money.

and now they have new policies requiring drivers to log on duty time at shippers and receivers, and a minimum of 30 minutes for pretrips? are drivers paid for this additional on duty time, or is this theft of service? gotta be one or the other.

"they did what they could"...roflmao. funny joke. as is swift.
assuming those two things are true (pretrip and shipper/receiver mandated on duty time)... 30 minute pretrip equates to petty theft, as any pretrip should take 10-15 minutes minimum, while on duty at shippers/receivers equates to grand theft. only going by what others have said, so in swifts defense, i could be misinformed. do they also continue to pay hhg miles, thus stealing 10% of the average drivers' earned pay per year?


Well crap you mean I need to do a 30 min pretrip, guess our safety department needs to know this, and maybe dot.
I was told by a Swift driver just last week that he has to show a 30 minute pre-trip every day according to Swift's policy.


Swift policy is 30 min but you do not have to show more then 15 min.
Are you saying that Swift's policy is 30 min, but Swift will let you get away with 15 min? So basically, it's their policy, but they don't enforce it?

An Iowa DOT bear told my company that 7 minutes is the minimum. So that's what the big boss says, ... though I always show 15 minutes. Sometimes 14 or 16 minutes just to make it look realistic. :)
assuming those two things are true (pretrip and shipper/receiver mandated on duty time)... 30 minute pretrip equates to petty theft, as any pretrip should take 10-15 minutes minimum, while on duty at shippers/receivers equates to grand theft. only going by what others have said, so in swifts defense, i could be misinformed. do they also continue to pay hhg miles, thus stealing 10% of the average drivers' earned pay per year?
So your basically posting stuff you have "heard"?

Did you know Gotti killed Kennedy, Elvis is a bag boy at a Piggly Wiggly in Montgomery, Clinton didn't make her swallow, and aliens have been genetically engineering humans for consumption since the dinasours?


Oh and that big "raid".......well saying raid sells more papers. It's called yellow journalism. No SWAT members with tear gas were busting in doors, securing suspects, gassing hostiles..........

But see saying a bunch of accountants served a subpoena and took possession of several hundred filing cabinets worth.of paper records doesn't have the same ring.

Oh almost forgot:popcorn:


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This thread was specifically set up for people who blast onto the forum with no other purpose than to talk s*** about Swift. This guy has made three posts, all to do with old news and a lawsuit that is still working its way through the system and may be either settled or dismissed.

I answered what I had to say about it, now I will leave him alone to rant all he wants. It's obvious he picked the right thread for it. He's entitled to his opinion and I am entitled to ignore him, since he's only here to spew anger and rumor toward Swift, rather than add to the community as a whole.

Swift isn't perfect. With a company this size, somebody, somewhere, is going to have a lawsuit at any given time. Just because somebody sues and then a bunch of other people jump on the bandwagon (your classic "Class Action" suit) doesn't mean they will win.

I just got a letter the other day, offering me $125 from CRST because I applied to them in 2008 and they didn't hire me because the guy I was going to team with had stuff on his DAC. I threw the letter away. I don't feel like I was wronged in any way, CRST doesn't owe me anything and I don't want any part of the class action settlement. They were right in not hiring that guy. He had too much crap on his record and it was all accurate.

Lawsuits like that are like suction cup darts: Many of them get shot at a target, some actually hit it, but only a very, very few actually stick.


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Is that why you decided to come play in our sandbox? :sand:

Pokerhound must have got bored and found this place.
He'll find out this isn't TTR and we don't do things quite the same way. You don't have to be in lock-step with certain moderators to be part of the discussion here...and people are allowed to stand up for themselves. As Texas Nana used to say, "Put on your big girl panties."