The ghost wants your soul


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Hopefully some of y'all wanna sell your radios can't pay a ton of money but
Lmk what you got
Cb radios not ham


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I just tossed 3 General Lees and a couple amps in the trash a few months ago, you should have been here, LOL


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I have one you can have. Damn can't even remember the name at the moment someone needs some sleep. But it was only used for a month didn't like it got it from a truck stop. You pay shipping its yours


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Any of you guys got any electronic stuff you don't want?
Soldering irons etc....

Uncle Birchy

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let me think on it,I might just send it to you
In the "spirit" of @tommyh got a Radio Shack TRC-447 got for forty bucks a decade ago

Not much modification there like a big radio although I found the modulation portetner off internet blueprints n kicked that up good quarter turn with a tiny screwdriver with a good firestick do radio checks everyone says Im sounding good

Now the speaker is extensional and wired to the inside thats I once hadda scrap Uniden and tried to swap speakers and that didnt quite work out though so I straight wired the box speaker into it

Another thing I did and ya can check this out at CB Radio Forum...6 pin stock mike was old ranger

Break er down drill afew holes in the outter casing then screw it all back together..

Eh thats already done 4 ya

Uh check it out @PreachaMan if ya interested messeage me

Worst comes 2 worst if I ever have a job needing a radio again Ill just hit walmart for that 30 dollar cobra

Just radio , mike , cord , n speaker though

Im keeping my antennas and the swr meter

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