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This may end up in the comedy thread, but here goes.

This will probably be a little long, but for the sake of my two fingers, I'll try to be brief.
Many of you know that I'm a machinist, not a trucker, but it's all good.

So I stumbled on this great machinist forum and decided to join. I found it while searching for an answer on wiring a reverse switch on my lathe. I didn't get the right answer but it was in a small way helpful, nevertheless.
It even has job postings and people who want to farm out their extra work (Yaaay) - it's all still good.

Lot's of really smart people along with the usual riff raff of everyday society(so I'll fit in too, right?).

Less than a week and I find myself with a two day "ban."

Oh it gets better (and yes I'll eventually get to the point).

Let me first explain exactly what I did.

There was this thread. "Questions and answers."
Basically the guy wanted to know why, when you ask a question , you get everything under the sun, except what you asked for.

There were the usual answers.
Not enough info
(Above is paraphrased, of course)

So I chime in and say, "Well, sometimes you aren't trying to be insulting when you offer a solution that might be obvious, but could have just been overlooked."

I then recall the scene in "Slingblade" where Billy Bob points out that the lawnmower is out of gas when no one else could get it started.

OK, someone posts that only happens in the movies and no one is that stupid in real life. Did I mention that this guy owns the site (hell, I didn't know)

So about 2 pages later there are stories from all over about this and that idiot that overlooked the obvious.
But the guy still insists...........

OK. that's not the funny part, but y'all know how I am, so.........

I swear, I'm not making this up.
One guy, his name is Carl.
He's from Kentucky.
And he used to own a lawnmower shop.
(I swear!)
He tells a similar story.

Then "bigshot" chimes in with a rather derogatory comment about morons and people from KY.


I gotta do it.

I post one of my "Slingblade" pics along with the offensive remark and caption it...........

"Don't choo be mean ta dat boy...............Mmmmmmmm"

But I hadn't "caught" that Carl had a lawnmower shop, etc. when I did that!

So in the next 5 minutes Carl cusses out the Admin and leaves for good (I guess) he'd been there a few years and had basically had enough of a prick that was never wrong and insulting to boot.
I sent the guy a pm apologizing that it wasn't meant towards him but the other guy and he says, "No problem with you."
The offending comment about morons from KY, my post from "Slingblade" and Carl cussing this guy and his ancestors are ALL deleted.
OK, good so far.


A few hours later the thread is still going and by now there are 40 stories of idiots overlooking the obvious and new guy comes on and starts in on Mr perfect and his "it's only a movie" comment.

I gotta do it.

I quote the new guy and say in real small letters........"don't get this guy started again and whatever you do don't post this pic ...."
And there's Billy Bob. But no caption or anything funny.

Three minutes later my screen locks up and a message appears.

"You are banned until mon. nite for reposting deleted items."


So I fire off an email in which I suggest a proctology exam.
It was good, but no cussing and I get another hour added to my time for that, too.

It's all good.

But what the hell does that have to do with Bull?

I just wanted to say the rumors about there being a lot of places where you can't even say "boo" to anyone are true.
And Bull is pretty fair and good-natured about letting people vent and fuss and make questionable comments and even funny ones.

That isn't an invitation to push his buttons, y'all.

Just my way of saying.........
Who’s Bullwinkle?




he's a big moose that talks to a flying squirrel, and they are always being chased by the Ruskies, Boris and Natasha.

the flying squirrel likes chunky peanut butter, the moose likes pepperoni pizza and Boris and Natasha drink till they are drunk.
Back when cartoons could show stuff like drinking and smoking and violent things like a coyote strapped to a missile and people thought it was funny. Not a travesty


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he's a big moose that talks to a flying squirrel, and they are always being chased by the Ruskies, Boris and Natasha.

the flying squirrel likes chunky peanut butter, the moose likes pepperoni pizza and Boris and Natasha drink till they are drunk.

Da Tovariska, Squirrelly und Moose ve get dis time!