Storm Gia


Bumper sticker slogan goes here
Gonna have to come down to the St Louis area, you sure you can get that far from home?
I didn't realize it was that far south.

How much copper are you hauling? It'll have to be enough to offset the Uber ride. :D


In Gord we trust!
Melt some chocolate, mix a few corn kernels in it and leave a glob of it on the door handle.
You made me laugh. Back in the days of running auto parts and tired and mentally ****ed up. I left a chocolate in my coat pocket and put my coat on the truck floor. The chocolate of course melted from the heat,
But I was convinced that someone was angry with me and took a **** in my coat pocket. :rolllaugh::coocoo:
Sleep deprivation. 👍


Friendly Neighborhood Former Technician
Wife said "Squawk squawk squawk"

Woman-to-English dictionary translation: "go get gas for the tractor and the generator because they're calling for a super blizzard" and that was followed by some whining and estrogen and hen pecking.

So I went outside and put the tractor in the shop so it'll be warm and dry if I need it and I can top off it's fluids and blah blah blah...

Gas tank half, gas can full, generator full. No need to go to the gas station.

So I went in the house and she's got the ******** remote and she's watching stupid **** on the TV.

Somehow this girl who is so f*ing stupid she didn't know Canada was a country, managed to outsmart me. :mad-97:
I mean that’s kind of impressive. 🤣🤣🤣