Starting issues


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Hello, I have a 2007 d12 and it’s having starting issues, acts like it loses fuel prime and turns over excessively and then a few cylinders hit and then all eventually come on line. Had injectors tested and they are ok. Then occasionally it starts perfect after only a couple revolutions. Occasionally it will turn over and never hit then you stop and try again in a few seconds and it starts perfect. Volvo dealer just takes huge sums of money and cures nothing. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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First thing I'd do is clean and verify all my electrical and ground connections are good.

Replace and verify my fuel filters are good and not having any tiny leaks to cause loss of prime.

Then I'd clear line test my fuel return line.


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I’ve changed filters a couple times that’s a great idea, I was wondering if there’s a check valve in the system or a booster pump of sorts that might be bad or loss power.