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Starport Leasing

I am putting this out for anyone who is thinking of leasing a truck from Starport leasing. Gary Norcross and Starport leasing are a scam that will leave you broke and disappointed.
The day we leased our truck we had to pull out and immediately go the ¼ mile down the road and fill up, because they started us out with no gas in the truck. We also never got a chance to pick anything but a color of truck we wanted, no test drive, no inspection, nothing. This should have been our first clue, but Starport will lie and give you a false sense of security…. Don’t do what we did, don’t blindly trust.

Make sure you check your windshield prior to leaving the lot!! As we found out soon ours leaked so bad that any rain would come in, I filled bowls up within hours and the passenger seat would get soaked during a good rain. Two other people I know that left with trucks the same day had cracks in their windshields that were not immediately apparent with the snow and ice, although one should say they should have checked them out better, a person should still not lease you a truck with an $899 weekly payment and expect to find these issues. Our leak was not initially apparent because it was due to a poor replacement job on the windshield and upon closer inspection you could see where they simply did a fast and crappy replacement job and didn’t put in sealant everywhere. The gas mileage is less than 6 MPG we were told we would get more like 5 or 5.4 mpg, not the 6 + MPH that Gary touts. The fluids in the truck were dirty and nasty and did not appear to have been serviced prior to our leasing the truck, as we were told they would be, our check engine light came on within a week of getting the truck.

The day we leased our truck our appt. was set for noon, we returned our rental vehicle and Gary was to come the 15 minutes to pick us up…..he left us stranded at the airport for 5 hours and when he did pick us up our dogs were nearly dead. We had put them in “our” new truck while we ran to the airport thinking Gary would get us and we would be back shortly, unfortunately the heat in the idling truck had been on way too high and our dogs were vomiting and barely conscious…..I was heartbroken to come back after being left and the airport for so long and find my dogs like this. I would think that if I am signing a lease for a truck that is $899 a week….you could at least treat me like a queen for a day!!! Pick me up at the airport quickly and maybe check on my dogs after you said you would. We did text Gary numerous times from the airport about still being there and our dogs, and his reply was he “would be there shortly” and he “would check on our dogs” He didn’t come shortly and he never did check on our dogs! I would have thought maybe for 899$ (899 a week x 4 weeks =3,596.00$) I deserved better than I got!!! Nearly killing my dogs and giving me a leaky, dirty truck is NOT worth that money.

Our truck was filthy inside; it took two days of scrubbing to clean all the dirt and smoke out of it. I couldn’t complain the day we picked it up…we had to be at work in two days and it was during the ice storm of 2011, we had no choice but to leave and take it dirty or not.

If for some reason I can’t convince you not to sign with Starport….READ your lease!!! There are clauses in there that you MUST bring the truck back once a month to be checked out….very hard to do if your company sends you nowhere near Starport, and you would have to take time off to get it there…with a 899$ a week payment YOU CAN’T afford to take time off….while Gary will tell you not to worry about it…remember he can use this Breach of contract on your part to take back your truck whenever he wants!!

The night mare doesn’t end there…..your paycheck from the company you signed on….all of it goes to Gary at starport… get it only after he has gone though it and then he gives you what he wants, he will send it in a money order to your bank, two to three days after payday at your company… have no receipts from Gary, so the company you drive for might show a profit of 3,000$ and Gary can give you whatever he wants but you have no proof you paid Gary a dime…..tell that to the tax man…..he will laugh at you when you don’t have any receipts.

Sure what we have now isn’t as pretty (we leased from another company with lower truck payments)…but our company pays the truck lease payment out of our check and we get the rest on payday and with receipts for our payment. We didn’t leave company we drive for; we only leased a different truck. Please if you are going to lease a truck think twice before you go here. You will leave broke, broken and your savings will be gone. There were 5 of us that leased trucks on that same day….all of us turned them in. That Right there should make you think!!!!
I have said many times here that lease to own programs suck. It sounds like you really have had a bad experience.

I have to ask, did you ask that you could take the contract and review it at your leisure? I would never sign a contract that I was not allowed to take home and review on my time, and I would even have it reviewed by an attorney.

And what is that b/s about your pay going to the lease company? There is no way I would engage in a contract with anybody where my earnings do not go directly to me. It is my business, and it is up to me as the business owner to fulfill my financial obligations, not to be at the mercy of some Leisure Suit Larry sleazebag.

As for the condition of the truck, were you not given an opportunity to inspect it prior to signing the lease? And why were you not given an opportunity to have it inspected by a mechanic of your choice?

So are you still stuck in this ball and chain lease deal, or have you obtained the services of a competent lawyer and sued this jackass for everything he is worth?
Starport Leasing's truck are in horrible repair when they lease them out. We have put more into the truck in repairs than the actual lease payments of over $50,000 this year alone. The truck has spent almost as much time in the shop as it has on the road. We have had it in for everything possible from replacing the clutch (twice) to repairing an ABS light problem (6 times @ over $3000 so far and they still cannot get the light to go out!). I do not take the truck to Starport for repairs. I cannot get them to return calls, emails, or texts. This has been the worst experience I have had in over 20 years of driving. I allowed our company to suggest Starport for getting our truck. We had to retire our last truck after 2 million miles. Sure wish I had been wise enough to have saved for a decent down payment for a new truck. I would have gladly ate the depreciation on a new truck over the ten of thousands of dollars of repairs on this piece of junk we are leasing!!!!

I don't need anyone telling me to end the lease, as it is ending soon!!!!