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Naked South Carolina man running in road claims 'snakes in his pants' bit him, reports say

Ther 56-year-old told police that he was naked because snakes were in his pants. (Greenwood Police Department)

Police on Saturday found a South Carolina man running naked, claiming snakes had attacked him.

Around 4:30 a.m., police found 56-year-old Norman Wightman “running without any clothes on Kirksey Drive near Lyman Avenue,” in Greenwood, Fox Carolina reports.
"He advised that the snakes began to bite him while he was walking down the roadway," reads an incident report, according to The Charlotte Observer. "Due to the snakes biting him, he began to undress on the side of the road in plan view of motorists."

Wightman claimed he was “running away from the snakes in his pants,” according to Fox Carolina. He was allegedly heading toward a family member’s home when he was stopped by authorities.

The 56-year-old was examined at a local hospital but later cleared. He is now being held at the Greenwood County Detention Center, according to the news station.

He did not appear to have any snake bites on his body, according to the incident report.

Wightman, who police think was intoxicated when they found him, has since been charged with indecent exposure.


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Oh dammit! A flashback.
We were camping way up north and out on a rented boat. I jump of the boat and go swimming. After a bit my buddies also jumped in the water.
After that we went on this rock island that we were scouting as a camping spot. That ended pretty quick when we found out the island was infested with rattle snakes.
So to tie it all together, Drunk, stripping down and also snakes:thumbsup::coocoo:


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i just did a "search google for image" on this guys picture, in hopes of finding an actor i had seen many times, playing the parts of a thug, or cowboy.

this is what google says comes CLOSE....



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Just type "Gary Busey" into the search
actually, this picture is of Charles Dierkop. a character actor, and also played a cop with Angie Dickerson in Policewoman?

but it is still not the actor i am thinking of, who also is a character actor, but i am closing in on the one i am thinking about.