Sober and some not so sober observations


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After taking a 2 year hiatus from otr and getting back into it i have really noticed some changes and some things that have stayed the same. Alot has reminded me of things i have missed while other things have brought back the nightmares of such a horrendous job this really is at times. Only been back at it now for 3 wks but come hell or high water this will be my last time EVER to be otr. Weighing everything in it just doesnt make sence why anybody would want to do this unless they have no other choice at all.

1. First thing i have noticed is swift, werner, england still sux and their drivers have no clue how to drive. Now that pam and ffe is offering no exp positions i add them to the list of useless companies.

2. Food. Good god since when did we become rich out here. Seriously 6$ for a big mac meal? Does it come with a hand job?

3. DOT/State patrol. Its always been a cat and mouse game out here but now there getting sneaky and baiting the traps. NC got sneaky and decides to clse scale houses so they caan hide all up and down 85 to catch speeders. 95 thru Va/NC then 85 thru NC the other day was crazy stupid. They were everywhere and all scales were closed.

4. Miami, FL. Were the FK these idiots get there lisence. They haul ass to get in front of you then hit the breaks and do 5 under the speed limit. And all hell breaks loose if you think they will move over to let you pass them They get in that middle lane and fall in love with it. One day i'll have a shiney new beamer hood ornament because one of them got stupid.

5. Jersey. WTF? Why hasnt this stae been banned and cut off to sink in the ocean. Can any state really be that dirty and smelly. Smells like a TA after a rain storm.

6. Paying to park/2 hr parking limits. Again WTF? DOT regulations say to get rest in every state issued pamplet yet dont try to park in Va,NC rest areas for more that 2 hrs . But yet now according to the 2010 they can fine you for not being rested and put points on your whatever they are calling it now.

I'll add more later as they arise. Maybe i'll b sober maybe i wont, dont know til the time comes.

7. Why the fk do companies try to make this job harder than it really is. Look give me shipper/receiver info and leave the driver alone. No need for all the stupid BS that they try to put on drivers. When i ask for directions, give them to me. Dont ignore it. Then call and wanting me to do something for you. PFFt not going to happen. Count your own damn trailers.

8. New drivers. You dont know it all, hell i dont either. i learn something new each day.

9. Attitude. Why is it when i try to be nice and do things there way i get screwed over. But when i take control of the situation and do it my way it gets down, no questions asked. I try to be nice to each and every person i meet. After a certain amount of stupidity i just cant do it and have to go back to being an asshole. Its fun being an ass but trying to be a nicer person in this profession is just so hard. After 3 wks of BS i got a brand new attitude here and it seems to be working. Thats what i get for trying to give half a ****.

10. Fat ass drivers. Thank god for the csa 2010 is going to eventually take your heart attack waiting to happen ass off the road. Dont need your ass opn the road dying and causing a traffic jam and making my load late just because you dont care about how fat you are and dangerous to the other vehicles on the road.

11. **** bottles/litter. You nasty ass fkers. Throw it in the trash. Is that how your house looks? Nobody wants to see your waste and your giving truckers a bad name along with getting truckers banned from places to park. Havent seen anybody throw it out yet but when i do they will know i saw it. And quit pissing on the truck stop grounds. Take your fat lazy ass to the restroom and pee there. Nobody likes walking in a **** infested parking lot. God forbid if i ever own a truckstop.

12. Shower. 15 minutes is all it takes to wash that nasty diahrrea covered rats ass smell off of you. Everybody has 15 minutes a day. Cant find a truckstop then use some wipes to at least get a *****s bath til you can. Your flies bother me standing near you in the store.

13. Pride. Take pride in what you do and treat places like you would want them to treat your place if they all came over. From what ive seen so far its ok to come over and **** on your floor and throw trash down in the bug infested living room since you do it out on others property. You mom is not there to pick up after you so do it yourself.

14. OTR Yes i still hate it nothing changed there. But no need to take it out on others or let it show. Daddy got a brand new bag and its all about me.


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It's a no win situation as far as the drivers are concerned and as long as we the drivers don't take a stand,it'll be this way till the end of time unfortunately.DOT is on us like flies on **** paper.Meals are douple and triple the cost what it once was and portions are at least cut in half.I won't pay to park anywhere rich or not.It's not the paying but the principle.They're making enough by ripping us off,we should get something free out of it.Florida was voted the most rudest state,as to why they can't drive..Jersey is and old rundown state anyway. no wonder it smells.


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To be fair, I was driving through Iowa (again) tonight, and they are spraying liquipoop on all the fields that hve recently been harvested.

My eyes NEVER watered like that when i was running NYC or Jersey, or anywhere.

And wait until you're in Miami one time when the Cubans decide to protest something and tie up traffic. I saw the Florida State Patrol yanking guys out of POS dumptrucks that were slowiing traffic, cuffing and stuffing, then parking the truck ont eh side for the wrecker to come get. That was back in about 2000. I forget what they were protesting...

My advice, stay off the east coast. In the last ten years, I've found that that alone has reduced my stress level immensely. Not having to worrying about/fight for parking, tolls, cops, crazy drivers, on and on and on...


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Amen Truckdriver! Of all the things I hate out here stinkynonshowertakinfilthysumbitchtruckdrivers are right at the top of the list.Personal hygiene is the first thing I can remember being taught.How does a grown man walk around like that?When I drove for Heartland years ago they actually suspended a driver for 3 days for personal hygiene/condition of truck.Dirty mf'er


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I once had a guy get out of his truck and set a gallon jug of **** on the fuel island at my feet before he waddled inside to get his lunch or whatever. The stupid bastard left his door unlocked though, so I took the cap off and threw it up into his sleeper. Hope I made him think. **** jugs all over the place are a personal pet peeve of mine. If you don't have time to stop to ****, maybe you should rethink that 1/2 gallon drink I always see you carrying out to your truck you fatlazysmellyignorantbadbreathedsackofgarbage.


Hey, now. I've found that portable urine bottles are a necessity when doing OTR. Sometimes you just have to go and aren't in an area where you can go. Of course, though, you dont leave them sitting on a fuel island...


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As opposed to the stationary urine bottles........


Well yes, I make sure the lid is on tightly and I place them in trash receptacles. I dont throw them out the window or leave them sitting on a fuel island...but truth be told, sometimes you need to pee in a bottle.


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Middle lane drivers. For christs sake get the fk out of the way. Speed limit is 70, your doing 60. Move over and do that in the slow lane like the law says to do so. "slower traffic keep right" see it read it obey it. Its like they fall in love with the lane and have claimed it as theirs.

Trailer leg jacker uppers. Dude/dudette, all you gotta do is have the legs right above the ground or barely touching it to be able to drop the trailer. Dont need to keep jacking it til the king pin seperates from the trailer. Not only does it tear up the gears in the handle mechanism but mkes it harder to roll the legs up when grabbing the trailer.


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Since it has been awhle since i have been out here i was wondering something and hopefully someone can help me out. Do lot lizards take comchecks now? I know they don't take a debit card since nowhere to slide the card. (unless referring to the family guy episode with quagmire at the strip club)


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Good thread. Merged a couple of your posts together in this thread and submitted it to our twitter page.

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Well, well, well son welcome back to the wonderfull world of nice to see that you haven't lost your sense of humor....hahaha


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ok I can already hear the music now......

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On this strange and mournful day
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Truck stop speeders: SLOW the FK down. Watching all these idiots speeding thru the parking lot i am amazed no one has been hit yet. Whats the reason to be driving so fast in such a small confined space where nything can happen in a split second?

Covenent trainers: Now if i wasnt lazy i'd walk down and get his truck number and share it. Had a truck here last night just having a heck of a time finding a spot to park. One appeared and he decided to take it. As he was getting close to it a covenent truck, trainer and trainee, jumped in front of him to get the spot. It was very comical watching this newbie back into this spot. With the right set up its just a straight backup but instead he found absolutleythe hardest way t put the trailer or attempt to put the trailer in the hole. He was all up in the road backing up the trailer in the wrong direction. After about 20 minutes of swinging the trailer in every direction but the direction it needed to go, the trainer jumped in the seat to back it up. Another 10 minutes and its in there. Newbie trianing newbie, gotta love it.


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It was very comical watching this newbie back into this spot. With the right set up its just a straight backup but instead he found absolutleythe hardest way t put the trailer or attempt to put the trailer in the hole. He was all up in the road backing up the trailer in the wrong direction. After about 20 minutes of swinging the trailer in every direction but the direction it needed to go, the trainer jumped in the seat to back it up. Another 10 minutes and its in there. Newbie trianing newbie, gotta love it.
Right on...

I pulled into the Wilco/Hess on I-20 in Bishopville, SC a couple of weeks ago. You have to drive behind the building, and, past the fuel islands to get into the parking lot. The lot was maybe at 50% capacity, and, the area furtherest from the building was nearly deserted. As I came around the building there they were... trainer and trainee, trying to back into a slot real close to the fuel islands. The trainer was standing outside spotting, the trainee was inside, messing up everything he tried to do. It was not going well, it was taking forever, and, nobody could get into the lot because of theses two Bozos.

Common sense dictates if you're gonna' have a training session, get the hell outta' the way. They had 10 acres to play in and wouldn't have disrupted the traffic flow. My patience would have been a little better if the lot was full, and, they were trying to get parked in one of the last slots, but, to pick a slot they had to know was gonna' screw up everything, when there were better alternatives. was just "stoopit."

Thankfully, tanks are shorter, and, easy to flip a u-turn with. Adiós, dimwits...

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