Shows you should watch, because I said so.

Uncle Birchy

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I am not into most of today's mainstream shows. If I listed what I like to most often watch, it'd bore most people here.

On what was mentioned:

The Simpsons - Ha - been watching them half of my life. They've been on that long?

Pawn Stars is a fun show. Some cool history too. And last year, I met and got my pic taken with all 4 of them (took me 5 seperate days to do it - but I am a Pawn Stars fan). Chum was really cool, easy to talk to. Corey was okay, but not as easy to chat with as Chum. Rick - very cool, and quite intelligent. The old man: I liked him, but in my pics of us and when I was talking to him, yes, the same expression and tone. Is he human? You be the judge.

American Pickers is fun. Gotta track the van down on the road someday.
I cant belive how they did "Chumlee"..

Chumlee looked like a FOOL but he could "price" Jerseys, Sneakers, and Video Games..

Rick and Corey can go "Screw" Off


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I don't know if you know, the 3rd season of Atypical is now on Netflix.
I thought I would revive this old post to let you know being as you and your wife also enjoy the show.
I appreciate the heads up. I did actually found it was back a week or 2 ago wife is happy. Thanks RJ


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It was hilarious if you’re the type who laughs at your own jokes. 🙄
Aint nuttin wrong with that. Works good for helpin to keep yer sanity sometimes. :wink: