Shows you should watch, because I said so.


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Ive not seen Timothy Hutton since the movie Taps. He's great in this show, and I think this show has some of the most brilliant writers in TV. It never fails to surprise.

Hells Kitchen

I'm not sure why, but food shows have been insanely popular the last few years. Watching Chef Ramsay scream at fat, spoiled Americans is a great time.

Lie to Me

Tim Roth was AWESOME in Pulp Fiction, but he pulls off a great character in this TV show also. There's a world of difference between TV characters and movie ones. TV character have to be very consistent, for example. Anyway, I recommend this show, as it's just fantastic, and always seems to tie itself to current events and high profile public figures. During the bumps, when he gets done illustrating a point about micro-expressions, or body language, they show large public figures, and you can't help but be convinced about what they just put out!


If you like that late night radio show that focuses on weird stuff, you'll love this show. It has a running plot, but every stand alone episode is great. I have to admit though, I listed it last, because it's in it's (I think) 3rd or 4th season, and it seems to me like the writers of this show suffered the same affliction the writers of Battlestar Galactica had, and that was that they had NO CLUE where the wanted the main storyline of the show to go.

There's also a ton of other shows I like, that you don't really have to follow.

Pawn Stars
Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives
Boy Meets Grill
Next Iron Chef
Iron Chef America
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Family Guy
The Boondocks (yes, I'm white as they get and I like that show)

I ain't got time to watch TV. But if I did, that's probably all I'd do!

List your shows, and why you like them. Or, tell me why my choices suck.



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Hells Kitchen is like a train wreck for me. I know I shouldn't, but I just have to watch it.

I was a fan of Fringe for the first 2(?) seasons, but haven't caught up with it yet this year.

I enjoyed the 2 or 3 episodes of Lie to Me I have caught, but I don't think I would count it among my favs.

Diners, Drive In's and Dives has been a must watch for me ever since I first saw it. Guy should weigh 600 lbs the way he eats though!

Pawn Stars - Is the old man a wax dummy or what? Not only does he speak in a monotone, his facial expression never changes.

I haven't seen anything else on your list, so they probably all blow, and not in a good way.

Here are a few of my current picks, they represent the best on television, and if you don't like them, you have bad taste:


I have liked this show about a pot selling suburban soccer mom since the get go. Has a pile of interesting characters in it, good writing, has characters I love, and characters I would like to choke into unconsciousness. I have only seen the premier from the current season, which I think is season 6, but intend on catching up as soon as my current bunch of good paying loads dries up. Nancy Botwin rocks.

Mad Men

A show about an advertising firm in NYC based in the early 1960's. Main character Don Draper has some demons, as do a couple of the supporting members. What guy wouldn't like a show about guys that drink all day at the office and chase anything wearing a skirt? Makes you long for the days when the worst things in life could be fixed with a good antibiotic. Show is currently on season four.

Breaking Bad

Set in Albuquerque, NM and surrounding area, this show is about a high school science teacher who after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, decides to start a meth lab in partnership with a former student in order to make a pile of money to provide for his family after his death, which is close at hand according to the doctors. Brian Cranston in the lead role is amazing, Aaron Paul his co star in the role of the drug dealing former student also does an outstanding job, although if I ever met someone that said "Yo" as much in real life as his character, I would choke him out.


New show this year about a government agency of code breakers. Not the NSA, or CIA, but some other agency who's name escapes me at the moment, and I am too lazy to open another tab and google it at 6:30 am. This show is full of conspiracies, and it rewuires you to pay attention in order to follow what's been going on. I am a few episodes behind on this, it's first season, but intend to catch up when I see my home base again.

Racer X 69

Um, The Simpsons.

Now in it's 4 millionth season it is the longest running primetime cartoon TV show. It has been nominated for and won many awards. The show is loaded with stuff for adults, even though it is an animated series.

And the creator Matt Groening is from my neck of the woods.

Nothing else is worth wasting my time, except maybe motor racing and such, when I am somewhere that I can tune it in.

Carry on.


Leverage=ok show
Hells Kitchen=sucks, can't stand it
Lie to Me=ok show

Fringe= never watched it.
Except for Family Guy and the simpson never heard of the others. We watch these.(simpson, family guy.American dad)

I like : Sons of anarchy- And the best one this year so far was when they told her to dye her hair red......



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I got hooked on Sons of Anarchy also, but it's on FX, which we don't get so I haven't watched it in forever. I heard most of season 2 sucked, and things are picking up again.

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I watched a couple of episodes of Nurse Jackie. I think I could have really gotten into that one, but unfortunately I don't get Showtime.


You did not mention Sons of Anarchy, which I can't get anymore because cheap assed p of s Dishnetwork refuse to air F/X, going to get rid of them, I am getting Directv in a week or so


I did too......
I watch it, I don't know it went alittle soapy this season..........
How is it doing in the ratings? Good cast of actors, has had a pretty good plot the last two years, have not been able to watch it this year except for the first couple weeks so have not been able to follow along


did'nt check the ratings, but they toned it down and even tossed a joke in. Katey Sagal. on the run the dude said she should dye her hair red....
just went and looked rating r high.


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Sons of Anarchy is probably a show I would watch. If the Canadian government didn't have such asinine rules regarding telivision broadcasting. We have no FX up there, and as far as I know, no Canadian network, or specialty channel has bought the show for broadcast up there.


Canada is weird(Not being insulting) they won't let Stern on or shows like SoA but you can watch broadcast t.v. and see nudity and sex in the middle of the afternoon. CKWS and CBC were my **** channels when I was growing up.


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Undercover boss is pretty cool.Good to see the big shots down in the trenches with the working stiff.


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Warehouse 13

This show is about a warehouse that's tasked with storing artifacts from throughout history that have somehow become umbued with strange abilites. Remember that HUUUGE warehouse at the end of Raiders of The Lost Ark? It looks like that. It's campy, goofy and just a bunch of sorta childish fun to watch.

Undercover boss is fake crap designed for sheep to reduce public animosity toward large companies. It's about as real as pro-wrestling.

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I finally watched Undercover boss it was with the CEO from Directv. I actually thought it was interesting. I am sure they screened the people before they put the boss with them. They also each seemed to have family issues that the boss could help make a little better with his own money, that I find unlikely.


I watched the first one c.e.o. of waste managment. It was just to clean. Everything was...I felt like running out and taking pictures of the trucks that run around this town.........Not to even mention the dump.
And yep he helped with family issues.............


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Canada is weird(Not being insulting) they won't let Stern on or shows like SoA but you can watch broadcast t.v. and see nudity and sex in the middle of the afternoon. CKWS and CBC were my **** channels when I was growing up.
Howard Stern's channel is available on cable or satellite if you want to get it, I don't bother. His radio show is also on Sirius in Canada as well. Yes I know, Canada had to have their own version of Sirius satellite radio in order to mandate that their are a certain # of channels in french as well as Canadian only channels. They are very protectionist about making sure "Canadian culture" doesn't disappear because of the 800 lb gorilla that lives next door.

As far as nudity on regular network tv goes, the US is just way too uptight about all that. Their boobs people, go ahead and look. It's not like every man is going to turn into a pervert because he saw a rack on tv. We are already perverted!

They showed the Sopranos uncut and unedited on network tv up there at 9:00 pm. Up until a couple years ago there was a channel in Toronto that pretty much showed nothing but soft **** from midnight until about 5:00 am. New ownership has put an end to that now. It's unfortunate, because they also showed a lot of pretty good older movies you don't see very often, and the new regime has stopped that as well.

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I am not into most of today's mainstream shows. If I listed what I like to most often watch, it'd bore most people here.

On what was mentioned:

The Simpsons - Ha - been watching them half of my life. They've been on that long?

Pawn Stars is a fun show. Some cool history too. And last year, I met and got my pic taken with all 4 of them (took me 5 seperate days to do it - but I am a Pawn Stars fan). Chum was really cool, easy to talk to. Corey was okay, but not as easy to chat with as Chum. Rick - very cool, and quite intelligent. The old man: I liked him, but in my pics of us and when I was talking to him, yes, the same expression and tone. Is he human? You be the judge.

American Pickers is fun. Gotta track the van down on the road someday.