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That was a copy n paste from a guy on another forum. No way would I sign up for one of those deals. Imma meat hauling MAN!!

Southern Fried

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Remembering waaaay back to when all van loads were "hand-bomb" unloads.

Had one particular account for awhile that involved cases of frozen fish from a plant in Cape Breton NS to a "freezer warehouse" in Boston Mass. Wasn't too bad for the 1st half of the trailer but the closer you got to the front the "heavier" those cases got. Amazing how a 20lb box at the back of the trailer weighed 500 lbs in the last 2 rows. :D

Of course, best of all was a trailer full of 50 gallon drums of oils and such. Hadda be tipped on edge and rolled to the warehouse floor where a bored-looking forklift operator was waiting. Learned the "knack" of that from an "old guy" who could empty his trailer before I had mine half-way.

Lots of neat little skills that nobody knows about anymore.