See stupid steering wheel holder? Snap a pic and post it!


I think he was replying to me but accidentally quoted you instead. 🤔
I'm glad someone knows what the hell I'm doing. I sure don't.


Then tell him to quit acting like a c$$t when he gets back on the forum. Everyone is tired of his juvenile bullshit.
ah ruined my life.......he's coming back..????

best we get mike to re-arrange the furniture again, for a real life ruining event...


Professional Pot-Stirrer
Untrue, and not to violate the cease fire agreement but fact of the matter is you’ve been annoying people longer than the 3 years I been here because I was legit warned about you in the beginning.
In that case you can include everyone but Mike, Sinister and Gearjammer. You're pretty annoying yourself, some days.

Yeah. Before Skateboard puller and RDBG showed up, I was the only one who harassed you on a daily basis. 🤔
Now that I think about it, you're pretty annoying too!

Must be time for Monday beer! Its on me!