See stupid steering wheel holder? Snap a pic and post it!


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You were thinking of Avril Levines Tick talk.
Some context- she has lyme disease. :rolllaugh:
Seriously aren’t you Canadian? I figured Avril Lavigne would be a revered Canadian Goddess. How dare you make fun of such tragedy! (Please note this is said completely in jest and with extreme sarcasm)



I love KW 680s
See Swifty driving around with a traffic light pole stuck on his trailer 🤣

Truth be told on a narrow street once getting back on 75 in Toledo..

Once caught one of those contruction barell thingys in my tandems..

Pulled over on the ramp thought I could hammer and kick it off..

No such luck..

So I entered 75 and hit Freeway Speed..

About 2 miles down it "popped off" in the ditch and I saw that in my mirror..

Being the "curious" SOB that I am I hit my 4 ways pulled on the shoulder and backed up a mile or so..

Welp supposedly those are made to be hit and pop back into place..

Now stick one in your tandems and go 5 or 6 exits up the freeway the whole entire side was worn through and melted off..

Probably what busted ot loose too