Motor Carrier Schneider was quick to let me know what rate they could give me.


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So, I'm browsing the load boards while being productive her on the forum. A load pops up picking up in the same city I am delivering tomorrow and going to Neenah, WI. Interesting. I check the schneider load board, and it's not there, so I call even though it is late.

They answer immediately.

I have to wait for them to look it up. They remember it because another carrier just fell off of it.

They find it, and tell me that their rate is $800, and apparently it was not open for negotiation. I tell them I was looking for $900, and conversation was over. I guess when they thrown out their anchor, they are done.

Maybe they won't find a company truck to cover it before morning and I will try again.


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I called some joker about a load last week... picking up near where I was, going where I wanted. So we jawed about it for a bit, finally getting around to money. I throw out something reasonable (I thought,) and he comes back with a price that was a little over a buck a mile. (You gotta be kidding me!!??)

So I start to work on him a little, and his response is, "I'm not going to negotiate. Nope. None of that, I'm not going there!"


So, its good luck with that, and I moved on a little farther afield. A little more deadhead, and a much better rate.