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I have a friend who drives for the local fleet out of California. This person states lawyers have been questioning drivers for a rumored class action lawsuit against Gordon for... not allowing local drivers (who are hourly) breaks, lunch breaks, and working them 10,12,14,and 16 hours all at flat pay.


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I don't see what the problem is.They can take lunch while getting loaded and unloaded.Take a lunch on the go.They don't like the working conditions then go elsewhere.


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under California labor law you are required to take 2 15 minute breaks and 1 30 minute lunch break for a work day. After x (i don't remember the exact number) hours of working I believe it is 8 you receive base rate + half. After 12 hrs you are entitled to base rate x 2. plus more breaks. seeing as how these drivers rarely leave a 150 mile radius from their home terminal and never cross state lines plus they are hourly these laws apply to them.


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Unfortunately the transportation industries are in the same work classifications as farming.. ie: exempt from overtime unless negotiated with the employer.

Sounds like to me that someone is trying to Unionize the local drivers through back channels. :eyeball::eyeball: